Our Competencies

Our Core Competencies

Acquisition and Project Entitlement • Asset Management
• Development and Construction Management

We acquire, develop and manage for our own account but we also provide third-party services as required by our customers and partners.  Our team has developed institutional quality real estate in all major cities on the East Coast and it has acquired Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Opportunistic real estate in all major markets in the United States.

Acquisitions and Project Entitlement

1788 Holdings has acquired more than $150 million worth of properties and land for development projects with a total market value of $1.2 billion dollars at project completion.  Property types acquired include office, industrial, and retail.  Property types for which land was entitled include mixed-use, residential condominiums, single-family housing, senior living and retail. 

We generally make investments in:  

  • Assets which the seller has under-leased, undermanaged or underinvested

  • Contrarian plays

  • Assets that can be repositioned to be better suited for current and future market trends

  • Land positions where we can add value by changing its approved use through re-entitlement, assembling neighboring parcels to allow it to accommodate higher value uses. 

Asset Management

1788 has extensive experience in creating and executing targeted strategies to maximize investment returns for our partners during the investment hold of each asset we acquire.

We take a holistic approach to asset management by:  

  • Identifying ways to improve an asset’s competitive position in the market and execute on the strategy. 

  • Building deep relationships with the various stakeholders so that they are invested in our asset’s success.

  • Reducing expenses without sacrificing service or quality, through operational changes and responsible investment.

  • Monitoring the capital markets to ascertain optimal windows for either refinancing or disposing of investments.  

Development and Construction Management

Our team is staffed with seasoned real estate professionals that have spent their careers, entitling, developing and overseeing the construction of projects large and small. We conceptualize unique and compelling real estate environments through thoughtful land planning and entitlement execution. We deliver these environments by assembling high quality teams to develop and oversee construction so that we deliver our projects.