The 1788 Difference

The 1788 Difference

At 1788, experience is a driver of innovation, not a barrier to it. We unlock investment value by seeing opportunity where others don’t – by accelerating our expertise with imagination and creativity.

Our unique perspective is fueled by a focus on our guiding principles that directly influence our investment activities:

– The High-End Consumer –

1788 is very well acquainted with the live, work and play (vacationing and retail) lifestyle preferences of the wealthy consumer and it is focused upon servicing the particular needs of this consumer from a real estate product perspective. Given continued commodity inflation and the likely upward pressure on tax rates in the developed countries around the world, 1788 believes that this segment of real estate consumer is likely to be the most robust and consistent source of real estate demand for the foreseeable future.

– Underserved Niche Markets –

1788 is dedicated to paving new investment paths; not in following the herd into commodity real estate or real estate that largely targets the mass market. We believe that we can identify underserved niche needs for differentiated real estate and we will invest or develop to satisfy these needs in a measured manner.

– Invest in Concert with Secular Trends –

1788 constantly monitors and analyzes the marketplace to most effectively drive our resource allocation and investment focus. Some of the trends we are following include:

/ 1 /
The durability of the disposable income of the very wealthy coupled with their desire to improve the amount and quality of their personal time.

/ 2 /
The reinvigorated cost management focus of mainstream corporate America due to rising input pricing coupled with static sales pricing.

/ 3 /
The financial squeeze being felt by the lower-middle to middle-market consumer.

/ 4 /
The digitization of data worldwide.